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The Programmatic Platform to Grow Your App Business

  • Jam Icon One Full-funnel user acquisition to forecast LTV and in-app event conversions
  • Jam Icon Two Drive incremental growth with global scale
  • Jam Icon Three High-impact creatives with proprietary Dynamic Creative Optimization
  • Jam Icon Four Predictive Machine Learning that optimizes both behavioral and contextual data signals
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Drive incremental conversions and revenue from your existing and first-time users

  • Revx Ret One Retain and accelerate revenue via programmatic advertising
  • Revx Ret Three Creative sophistication and expertise to drive users to your app time and time again
  • Revx Ret Two Drive awareness and build brand affinity through data-powered targeting and optimizations
  • Revx Ret Four Transparent performance reporting and consistent optimizations.
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Boost Your Customer's Lifetime Value

  • Vizury Ic One Turn one-time visitors into loyal customers and deliver integrated customer journeys
  • Vizury Ic Three One platform for all digital and physical customer engagement
  • Vizury Ic Two Conversational AI module to turn any messaging app into a commerce channel.
  • Vizury Ic Four Omnichannel journey builder to deliver seamless online to offline shopping experiences.
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