Affle Announces Ripple Smart Ad Network

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Advertisements never brought a smile to any consumer’s face but they form an essential part of almost all organisations, in some form or the other. But now, Affle, a Singapore headquartered digital media company, today announced its Ripple advertisement network that is smart enough to identify keywords, company logos along with face recognition while a user is surfing the Internet and showcase advertisements relevant to the user. By relevant ads we mean, a teenage boy will not get to see nail polish videos!

Speaking exclusively to, Charles Yong, CTO, Affle said, “While viewing a video, Ripple can capture key words, company logos, faces of prominent people and showcase a list of advertisements related to what the user is looking for or something that is related to his/her browsing patterns.”

Left to Right. Anuj Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO. Anuj Khanna Sohum, Founder and Chairman. Charles Yong, CTO, Affle.

Ripple is an integrated ad network which offers advertising solutions across all smart screens. The solution is backed by some sophisticated algorithm that is developed by engineers at Affle, which enable it to deliver advertising contextual to the kind of video content being consumed thus making it significantly more engaging for users and valuable for advertisers and publishers.
“Ripple has already attracted top partners like Samsung, P&G, Star, Business Standard, Dainik Bhaskar, Beoscope, Bolanews, Sambawa and many more across key Asian markets. Over the last one year we have been doing a lot of product level R&D and user research to create the Ripple platform such that advertising delivered through it will reach the most relevant consumer, on the most premium content and at the most relevant context across all smart screens,” said Anuj Kumar, co-founder and CEO, Affle.
Explaining further, Kumar added, “Ripple is a smart ad network that is integrated across all digital screens like PC, mobile, tablet, smart TV, etc. and focuses on video and rich media backed by several technology innovations to make media more meaningful.”