Affle rolls out next generation Rich Media and Video ad network Ripple

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Mobile media and advertising company Affle has launched next generation rich media and video advertising network called ‘Ripple’. The network will offer advertising solutions across various platforms like mobile, tablet, PC and Smart TV.

According to Affle, these networks will change the way people consume content across multiple devices. The company claims that Ripple will redefine how brands would go about connecting and engaging with the digitally connected consumers. Ripple’s ad network is available in two types, one for mobiles and tablets and other for PC’s.

In order to make advertising more impactful Ripple will connect with the most relevant consumer via superior targeting. It will connect with consumers when they are consuming most engaging content and finally identify the context of the content and deliver advertising which is thus more impactful.

Moving forward, Affle also launched ‘Storm’, an ad unit which helps to identify the context of a video and deliver new advertising opportunities that are meaningful for users and thus more impactful for publishers & advertisers.

Storm will enable publishers to insert ads in videos leveraging keywords in the frame, names of products and people thereby displaying them in video without any interruption.

Singapore based Affle is gradually increasing its presence in India. In April this year, Affle and Japan’s D2Communications joined hands to acquire MobiMasta, a mobile marketing agency. A technology and service facilitator to carriers, content owners and partners, Affle provides ad serving (Affle Ads) and ad sales representation services in the digital space.

In addition to its mobile advertising services, Affle has also launched mobile messaging applications tools like Pinch and SMS2.0 Live. It raised around US$10 million last year as the second round of investment from its existing investor, D2 Communications Inc. In all, Affle has raised about $25 million in funding which includes a $5-million investment from Microsoft in 2008.

M-advertising has already taken centre stage in several countries. Frost and Sullivan estimates that the market will witness an exponential growth of 58.1% to grow from USD 10.4 million  in 2008 to 256.4 million in 2015.

The top m-advertising players in India include InMobi,, ValueFirst Messaging, Komli, Blyk, WebChutney, Vdopia, AdMob Google and Gingersoft Media

According to Affle, the m-advertising space in India has evolved from the stage of mobile internet being used to access email to its utilisation for social network­ing and accessing content such as news, sports and games.

The key industries using this medium are automo­bile, FMCG and telecom. Affle has partnerships with mobile operators like Airtel & NTT Docomo and has clients like Pepsi, Hindustan Liver and Reebok to name a few.

Main drivers for the advent of mobile advertising are the ubiquitous smartphones. The Indian smartphone market is expected to witness a compound annual growth rate of 250 % from 2009 to 2012. These devices support the use of mobile web applications and mobile internet, which increases access to online ads.