Massive Upgrade To The Pinch Mobile Messaging Platform

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Last year ,we blogged about the launch of Affle’s smartphone messenger Pinch. Those of you who were using the Pinch Mobile Messaging app have a chance to rejoice. Affle, the company that develops Pinch, has just released a massive update to the service that brings a lot of features like full cross-platform and SMS integration, group messaging, status broadcast andcontact integration. According to Affle,  Pinch is not just an IM but a phone messenger and it creates a unique way for you to connect better with your phonebook friends.

Anuj Kumar, CEO, Affle said at the launch, “The latest version of Pinch further strengthens our offerings on the messaging platform and complements our existing product SMS2.0 Live, which has already got us over 20 million downloads in Asia alone.”

The Pinch messaging service has been around for sometime and with this power-packed update they will definitely carve a niche for themselves in the messaging and communications apps bracket. Some of the promising features enabled by this update.

  • Free messaging to all contacts over data: Everyone hates wasting money on SMS when you can communicate for free over your data connection. The Pinch App uses data for all its communication protocols and thus saves you a lot of money.
  • Unified & auto discovered friends list:  The app pulls all your contacts from all the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. and organizes it neatly.
  •  Group Messaging and Chat rooms: As Internet consumption is now mostly through smart-phones, these features are essential. This is something that most other IM’s have missed and it is where Pinch may do really well.
  • Pinch to SMS feature: Using this feature Pinch users can connect to most of their phone-book friends without them even having the Pinch client installed on their phone.
  • Completely cross-platform: The client is available on 7 mobile operating systems, namely iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry OS, Nokia’s Symbian platform, phones having J2ME support and mobile browsers.

A host of other features like Delivery status and social location sharing along with a clean and elegant UI. You can get the Pinch App from all major App stores or alternatively from the Pinch website.

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