SMS 2.0 revolution brought to India by Affle

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DELHI, 26 June 2007: Mobile subscribers would soon be able to send coloured messages and fun emotions from their mobile phones at no additional cost. UK-based mobile solutions maker Affle has brought next generation messaging application SMS 2.0 to India.

The application also allows users to schedule SMSes, send SMS to e-mail, send graphic and multimedia attachments, access internet and get updates on discounts and promotions from advertisers. The default content stays at the bottom portion of the screen and converts to full screen when either the message is sent or the consumer clicks on the content.

Affle has partnered with Group M to get advertisers on board and mobile operator Airtel to provide service to its customers. Advertisers like P&G, Coke, Aviva, Nike and Lenovo have already showed interest in the new technology. The revenue from the services will be shared between the application provider, operator, handset manufacturer and the advertising agency.

The long-term recurring revenue stream for this service is enabled by advertising and upselling of mobile content downloads, by engaging the user with free content of his interest, said Anuj Khanna, CEO and chairman of executive committee, Affle.

Bharti has been running this service on pilot basis since June 1, whereas in Singapore it has been deployed by MobileOne Ltd. Initially, the service will be available only on some GPRS-enabled Nokia phones.

Khanna said Affle was in talks with other mobile operators, advertisers and handset manufacturers to launch the service.

Affle plans to take SMS2.0 to 10 countries in the next two years starting with Singapore and India. It will also be introduced in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Japan and Australia in the near future.

Published on: June 26, 2007

Source: Financial Express | View Online Article View Print Article