Abby Patton - Affle's App Marketing Knight

Use the omnichannel approach to really exercise your team’s creative muscle

Abby Patton
    Growth Marketing Specialist

Abby Patton On Mobile Marketing

Please tell us a little about your journey in Growth Marketing

I started my career in Market Development Research at another Birmingham startup. From there, I came to Shipt and joined the Customer Experience Team in 2017 and quickly moved on to the Social Media Response Team. Starting at the front lines of the company provided me with a more holistic view of Shipt and the impact our service has on people on a daily basis, the way we are differentiated from others in our space, and the areas where we have opportunities to grow. I’ve carried that perspective with me as I have expanded our Growth Team’s Mobile Acquisition campaigns over the first half of this year. We celebrate our wins and learn from our losses so that as we grow campaigns and strategies, we only get better and more efficient.

How do you foresee Growth Marketing for Shipt evolving over the next one year?

Our growth marketing efforts will continue to expand over the coming year. In the first half of 2019, we began focusing more heavily on SEO and revamped our paid search campaign structure. We also started to allocate more resources and focus on our mobile download campaigns. It has now become one of our top performing channels as a result of diligent collaboration with our partners. In the mobile realm, we will continue to optimize our acquisition and invest more in retargeting campaigns to not only ensure a steady increase in our user base but also an influx of quality users. Over the next year, we'll expand the amount of SEO content on our site, continue to grow our mobile app efforts, and test new channels to gain incremental traffic.

Why is it important to connect with users across multiple touch points?

Every day your prospective users navigate through a multitude of channels seamlessly, and most are unconscious to that fact. It’s important that your brand keeps up with the user. Utilizing multiple channels to connect with your users also allows your company to diversify and test different creative strategies. Publishing the same ad across multiple platforms is counterproductive and only increases the rate of speed of ad fatigue. I suggest using the omnichannel approach to really exercise your team’s creative muscle!

What advice would you like to share with fellow marketers to build customer experience?

Listen. Listen not only to your fellow marketers but to your product team and your engineering team. If you have a customer service team, spend some time shadowing them and learning from them what the user base is noticing, is worrying about, and talking about the most. The more cohesive your company is, the fewer obstacles you have to face to reach success.

What is your biggest inspiration story?

I am continuously inspired by Shipt’s story. The company started with a group of about ten employees in Birmingham in 2015, and since then, we have grown to have more than 600 employees and more than 100,000 Shipt Shoppers nationwide. Our company is made up of people in all stages of their careers who are hungry and determined to continue to grow not only themselves but also the company and the city of Birmingham. It is clear to me that Shipt not only strives for success but also strives to help our users and provide them with the best experience possible. That heart and compassion inspire me.

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