In the end, marketing is all about staying relevant to the customer’s needs

Azlan Indra
    Sr. Advertising & Strategy Manager

Azlan Indra On Mobile Marketing

What do you like most about marketing?

For me, marketing is all about connecting the dots and becoming more creative about conveying the intended message to the consumers. A lot of marketers think about great ideas about marketing their products, but struggle to move them forward because of many factors. In the end, marketing is all about staying relevant to the customer’s needs and providing them the solutions they are seeking. Also, marketing allows me to gather a lot of perspectives and insights when I interact with my clients and understand their requirements. It helps me to learn more about the audience and the industry in general. Lastly, marketing never gets boring since there is always something new to learn and keep up with the growing expectations of the audience as well as the brands.

How do I know if I am connecting you with the right shoppers?

There are a few KPIs that tell us about the kind of customers we are connecting with. These KPIs are directly related to the value you generate as a brand and how much you can solve your users’ requirements. The marketing funnel metrics we track are the CTRs of the marketing communications, bounce rate, traffic source, conversion rate, response rate, and the churn rate. We try to optimize these parameters consistently to keep our customers satisfied.

Tell us about your approach to acquiring quality users.

Since user acquisition is an essential factor in any business, it is always important to keep it into consideration. We are always looking for ways to acquire quality users and one of the best ways that have worked for us is by engaging the existing user database. Every business has to deal with a huge chunk of inactive users, so instead of spending to bring new users, we feel it is better to keep the existing users active on our website. Unless you can drive repeat conversions, you cannot optimize your marketing ROI.

How do the metrics vary across e-commerce when compared to other verticals, say travel and tourism?

The travel industry is not too different from the e-commerce industry, as the fundamental of conversion remains the same - to provide a better experience. But there are certain noticeable differences too. Like in the e-commerce industry the user can convert because of multiple reasons, but there can be compulsive shoppers or habitual shoppers too, who don’t need much motivation to get converted. In the travel industry, the intent from the users is much clear, so if someone is browsing through your app, they are not doing it as a habit and the probability is more that he has a travel schedule very soon. Targeting users becomes a lot easier when you know about their interests or destinations. However, providing a better experience is key here too, especially as you want your customers to return to your website every time he looks to travel.

What are the trends and future in digital marketing that excite you?

There is a lot of scope on the marketing scenario, especially from the perspective of new technologies in this domain. Omnichannel communication and artificial intelligence are evolving and would contribute more towards providing consumers with an immersive experience. However, the challenge is to stay relevant to your audience and leverage the potential of marketing tools you choose.

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