Affle turned 10 this year! It’s been ten long years since the cornerstone was laid and a lot has gone into fortifying the structure to make it what it is. A gala internal team party was hosted for all Afflers on 5th April 2016, that saw  all Afflers, the new and the old, come together and celebrate like one big family to commemorate the day.


The Journey:

Affle came to exist in 2006, as a company focused on mobile apps and advertising in an era with no smartphones or mobile internet. Strongly driven with the dedicated efforts of the team members, we have managed to carve out a niche in the industry over the last ten years. Today, as we take a moment to pause and reflect, our growth story definitely ushers in a mood of nostalgia.

During this span, Affle has seen spearheading technology, great products and the best of the industry expertise come together under one roof. From the flagship Mobile Technology Platform that led to the advent of the company to the MAAS platform that was the backbone of our endeavours in the growing stages, all our products have contributed to our growth at different stages. Of course, a journey so long isn’t a smooth curve. We have had our own shares of ups and downs; we have received criticism and accolades. However, this journey has been one where we have all learned together every passing day and one that has helped build friendships that will outlast the test of time.

While we rejoiced at the crests, we also added new chapters to our book of learnings. This journey has been made even more special by the commitment and passion shown by each and every Affler in building the company and elevating it to the stage it is at today.

Thus, on behalf of the entire Affle family, we would like to express our gratitude to the entire Affle team for their continuous drive and commitment. Also a big thanks to all the family members of the Affle team as they were pillars of support for them, and thus enabled them to contribute towards the Affle vision.

What has kept us going over the last ten years has to be the wonderful people who form the Affle team and this definitely called for a big reason to celebrate! Thus, to cherish this beautiful bond of friendship amongst Afflers, the Affle team gathered together to mark Affle’s 10 year celebrations.

The Future Ahead:

We are a start-up that remains driven by the values we began with. With our strong commitment to our people, an invigorating culture that puts innovation first we want to make the next ten years even more exciting than the last ten have been. More on these developments will keep appearing in your news feeds , we won’t reveal all our cards in one go!

The Celebrations :

Fueled with lots of thrilling team performances, good music, food and drinks, all Afflers had an amazing time catching up over dinner, sharing their recent stories, cracking inside jokes and most of all, meeting all Afflers together once again! This is our way of revving up for the next ten years to come!

Let’s give you a virtual tour of the celebrations!









If you have been associated with Affle in any way in the last ten years, we take this opportunity to thank you. We hope to have touched your lives and hope that we continue to do so in the years to come. While we celebrate this milestone, we firmly believe that we are still a young start-up and have a long way to go before we realize our shared goals and aspirations. We look forward to your support and wishes to help make the next 10 years at Affle even more extraordinary.

It’s wonderful to count our age in double digits!


The Affle Family

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