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Engaging with a particular brand’s target audience on a mobile platform has always been a challenge. Since users are constantly interacting with mobile ads, it is imperative to come up with newer ways to engage this target audience to combat ad fatigue while also simultaneously recognising audience gripes with intrusive or obstructive banners.

At Affle, we are always in a fluid state of invention and ingenuity. We constantly develop new ad formats that allow brands to bring forward the best of their offerings in the most innovative ways possible, while being as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. This helps in better advertising metrics and impacts top-of-the-mind brand recall for our clients.

For this post, we’ve picked up 4 of our favourite ad formats that did exceptionally well in our mobile campaigns.

1) Try-On Ads

USP: Ads featuring this format are able to access the phone camera of users and allows them to virtually try on products like jewellery, bands, clothes, shoes, etc. The ad captures an image of an user and places preset images of the featured products on it. This lets the user have an experience of visualising how the product will look on them in reality.



Applicability: This format is best suited to showcase products which require the users to try them on and see if they like the product. With this interactive ad format, the users get a chance to take action by following simple steps. This way the user also forms an instant connection with the brand’s product and this is highly likely to influence purchases.

Case: We leveraged this format to showcase Fitbit’s Alta and Blaze range of fitness bands. With this Try-on ad, we created an inspiring augmented reality experience for the targeted users. So, we envisaged an ad format that would appeal to millions of users with one beautiful interactive ad. Hence we went on to create the ‘showroom on your wrist’ ad through which the users could take a picture of their wrist and place the bands on it to see how each looked on them.

Check it out here. https://ripplead.s3.amazonaws.com/ads/in/fitbit/20160509/iOS/blaze/fitbit-blaze-ios.html

This type of an ad format makes the targeted audience have a rich experience of a brand or a product just by sitting any corner of the world. After all, why visit a store when you have a showroom on your wrist?

Take a video tour of the Fitbit ad campaign

2) API Integrated Ads

USP: These Ads help us leverage contextual technical capabilities of our publishers to collaborate them with our client brands. APIs help us get all sorts of dynamic data and display it on our rich media banners.

Applicability: APIs are available for a variety of data types, and can be used for a wide array of co-branding activities by leveraging contextual data. For instance, for a beverages brand, we can take a weather API and display the hot temperatures reinforcing the idea of buying a beverage in such a weather.


Check out the ad here – http://3rdtag.com/kIU7

Case: We did an API integrated ad for Micromax to celebrate World Music Day. We incorporated Gaana’s API in a Micromax YU branded creative. It let the user stream their favourite song on the banner itself whilst showcasing the YU’s flagship phone Yunicorn.

Take a video tour of the Yu ad campaign

3) Gamified Ads

USP: For this format, games are developed on rich media banners while keeping the brand’s image in mind. Ads featuring games help us ensure greater user-engagement with the brand. They establish a more re-callable connect of the brand with its audience as opposed to vanilla animation or static banners. Options to share scores and challenges on social media at the end of the game also provides a greater outreach for our clients.

Applicability: Game ads are mostly used for brands that are interested in striking a playful or fun rapport with the audience. With a good recall, these ads engage users with brands and also gratify them (through coupon codes, discounts, incites etc. upon scoring well and social sharing).

Case: We developed a game ‘Electrathon’ for Magic Moments Electra, which was run on both PC and mobile. The idea was to engage the users in a running game where they could collect music tracks labelled with the 3 flavours of Electra. The scores could be shared with friends and also invite them to play the game.

Created with the expertise of our Adtech champions, this game ad turned out to be a huge hit with the users ! In fact, it is currently being hosted on the client’s official website.

Play this game on your PC – http://touch.affle.com/explorations/mohan/electra291215wb/index.html

Play this game on your mobile: http://3rdtag.com/k9At


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4) Parallax Gallery Ads

USP: Galleries are the most popular way to feature product showcases. However, parallax galleries function in a way that the background and foreground (product) elements in the page move at different speeds. This adds depth to the ad experience and makes it more immersive than traditional 2D galleries.

Applicability: Parallax galleries can showcase a variety of products, starting from gadgets and cosmetics to service bundles and automobiles. Best suited for brands synonymous with elitism and luxury, parallax is our most sought after format by high end brands. In this format, hotspots on each page of the gallery feature information about a particular product. This makes the Parallax Gallery Ads the most comprehensive format for brands interested in presenting a wide array of offerings,irrespective of the complexities.

Case: Parallax galleries were developed to promote L’Oreal Paris products on Hermo. The CTA on each page led the user to the product’s purchase page on Hermo. The ad could thus enable the client to track the popularity of each product  amongst its consumers!

Check out this ad here http://3rdtag.com/kH9v


Apart from these 4 formats, we have a lot many exciting ad formats in store for our mobile campaigns. To learn more about Affle’s vast variety of ad formats, please visit http://touch.affle.com/ad-units.html

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