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As a part of our festive and holiday season mobile advertising series, we’ve covered the top niche brand segments such as FMCG, Electronics and Lifestyle & Travel. To add to this list, we’re excited to take on the Automobile  sector  this time.

For consumers, the festive or holiday season is the ideal time to get a new ride. Whether it’s about buying a swanky new BMW or a Toyota Sienna for those family trips, people usually start saving months before the arrival of the festivities to purchase their dream car. And why not? It is the season of best deals and offers! Needless to say, the top car manufacturing brands look at achieving a staggering revenue figure during the festive season. In fact, during October 2015, car sales grew at tremendous rate for 12 consecutive months and rose to 21.8%. That was undoubtedly a great festive season for automobile brands as people responded really well to their advertising campaigns and went on to avail their tempting offers for purchasing their favourite car.

2016 Festive Season!

This festive or holiday season, leading automobile brands like General Motors, Suzuki, Honda Motor, Hyundai Motor Group, Ford Motor, etc. are trying to recreate the same magic. With a huge focus on festive branding, they’re prepared to stretch their advertising budget in order to enhance their visibility on mobile and woo their target audiences with the best of offers. To add to the festive and holiday cheer, most of the car manufacturing brands have lined up their latest car models for launch this season. With cars like Nissan GT-R, Volkswagen Polo GTI, Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS and Jaguar’s first ever SUV, F-Pace, this festive season is going to be very exciting for consumers and equally competitive for the automobile rivals.

So starting from striking cases of visual storytelling and celebrity brand endorsements, to extremely engaging mobile ads, you’ll see them all this festive and holiday season.

With the spotlight on advertising, it’s very important for the car manufacturing brands to strike the right chords with the consumers. Whether it’s about creating a good storyline or concept for their brand or collaborating with the adtech experts to create highly interactive mobile advertising experiences, automobile brands have to go all the way.

If we look at some examples of the past, there are wonderful examples of automobile brands winning the festive season branding accolades.

For instance, in the Indian context, everyone remember’s Maruti Suzuki’s heart-touching ‘‘Ghar Aa Gaya Hindustan’ (India Comes Home in Maruti Suzuki) campaign.

So, what we are trying to say here is that, with the help of highly interactive and engaging ads, it’s possible for automobile brands to make the most of this festive and holiday season.

But if you’re an automobile brand, what kind of ad formats can you look at?

Here are 7 must-do Ad Formats for Automobile Brands!

1) Hotspot Ads

Want to give your audience a quick visual tour of your latest car model using an interactive ad format? Try the Hotspot Ad format.

In fact, this is exactly what we did for General Motor’s Chevrolet Sail campaign. Using the Hotspot Ad format, we created an interactive ad experience for the viewers, which allowed them to take a good look at every nook and corner of the Chevy Sail vehicle. With this ad format, the brand was also able to highlight the new features of Chevy Sail.

Watch the Chevrolet Sail Ad

 2) Animation Ads

If it doesn’t look good, it won’t sell. And if you’re selling cars, your ads better be the best in creating a rich visual appeal. Animation Ads allow for a high level range of creative experimentation that’s necessary in delivering an amazing video-like experience.

Look at how we used this ad format to create an amazing interactive video experience for Toyota Corolla Altis. Here, users can get a real feeling of starting the car engine once they click on the ad. With this ad format, it was also possible to bring out the power of the new headlights along with the roaring sound of the engine!

Experience the Toyota Corolla Altis Ad for yourself!

 3) Mist Ads

Want to flaunt a brand new feature of your car model? Try the Mist Ad format.

See, how we used this format for Maruti Suzuki Dzire AGS (Auto Gear Shift) to highlight its clutch-free driving feature.

Watch the Maruti Suzuki Dzire AGS Ad

4) Gyro Sensing Ads

If you’re interested in creating a 3D ad experience for your automobile brand, you’ll love this ad format.

Take a look at how we created a 3D ad for Maruti Swift. Here, users can take a full circle look at the car by just tilting their mobile phone.

Watch the Maruti Swift Ad

5) Click-to-expand with Video Ads

This is yet another engaging ad format that is well suited for automobile brands. By simply using a click-to-expand banner with a video pre-roll embedded in it, you can create a highly engaging ad for your Automobile brand. This is especially great if you want to promote your already popular tv campaign on mobile.

Take a look at how we used this ad format for Nissan

6) Slide to reveal Ads

Want to introduce some new feature for an already existing car model? Let your viewers spot the before-after difference with this ad format.

Take a look at how we used this format for Maruti Swift Demo

So make sure you try out these ad formats formats for your automobile brands & engage your audiences this festive season!

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This Festive Season Charm Your Audiences, Shine On!

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