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video as medium for mobile marketing

Everything you need to learn about Video Marketing Videos are prominent tools in mobile app marketing and have also earned the reputation of being one of the simplest and fastest ways for users to evaluate your apps. In the past few years, it has also emerged as one of the best ways of promoting mobile apps. Different companies of all…

Year 2015 has been a great for us here at Affle.  We thought of sharing a few glimpses from the year as it wouldn't have been possible without you - our partners and clients across the globe. So, here's our quick throwback to 2015!

The next 24 hours mark a massive milestone in digital activism in India. The moment is upon us as ‘Save The Internet’ campaign crosses a record of million emails in.The mission has been trending with the hashtag #MillionMailMission to protect net neutrality.

Customer Loyalty

With increasing competition and shrinking consumer’s share of mind, most industries are facing challenge in maintaining consumer loyalty. Industries from travel to mobile application all feel the need to re-engage and connect with end consumer, creating a loyal following. Through this article, we wish to capture importance of mobile marketing as a medium to provide consumer retention.

What-the-Rapid-Growth-of-RTB-Means-for-Mobile-Advertising1 It is no secret that mobile marketing will surpass web in the next 1 year or two. This growth has been rapid during the last decade since the emergence of the smartphones. Stirring this boiling pot of growth is the never-ending tug-of-war between the two juggernauts of the smartphone business – Apple and Samsung. Add to this the huge international growth from Android, Google’s all-powerful OS, and you have an industry that has nowhere to go but up.