Affle At GMIC Beijing 2017

The leading mobile conference, Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) unveils on 27th April 2017, and goes on till 1st of May 2017. Team Affle is excited to exhibit at this global conference. GMIC, one of the Largest Innovation & Technology Conferences Worldwide is hosted by GWC. It is one of the largest and most influential innovative technology conferences worldwide. Since the first edition in 2009, GMIC has attracted over a million attendees from more than 60 countries. In addition to Beijing, this event is also held in Bangalore, Tel Aviv, Jakarta, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

What we have in store for you?

During this 5 days event,  Affle is looking at GMIC Beijing in a big way and you could catch up with our team at Booth #M02. This time, we are looking forward to catch up with the global attendees at this event and explore greater synergies of collaboration.

In fact, our team has some amazing updates in store for you. Be it our all new JavaScript ad tags or premium ad units & networks, it’s been our constant endeavour to innovate our product to meet the growing requirements of the publishers and advertisers.


What to EXPECT in #GMICBeijing 2017?

With 3,000+ thought leaders, 80+ exhibitors, 40,000 innovators from over 60 countries and millions of real time users, the event is expected to be a grandiose extravaganza. Please glance below for a day wise itinerary.

Day 1:

  1. Global Thought Leaders forum
  2. G-Summit
  3. Dialogue on Frontier
  4. Global Future Entertainment Summit
  5. GMIC Environmental Breakfast Meeting
  6. Global Mobile Marketing Summit
  7. Going Global Summit
  8. Mobile Age Retail Summit
  9. Global Investment Ecosystem Summit
  10. Future Innovation Summit
  11. I-Healthcare Innovation Forum
  12. Edu TECH
  13. India Forum
  14. AI+: The Future of All Industries
  15. G-Startup Worldwide
  16. AI Open Class
  17. Tech Show
  18. GMIC X Awards
  19. Intelligent Learning Summit
  20. 网易新闻品牌专场
  21. 视界智变 创见未来——2017动视频峰
  22. 爱接力与ROOBO人工智能战略合作发布
  23. OPT Cross Border E-Commerce Summit
  24. Branding Track
  25. #GoGlobal with Twitter & MoPub ( invitation only)
  26. Cloud Computing & Big Data Summit
  27. Ant Financial Special Session
  28. World Insight of the Universal Postboy
  29. G Festival
  30. GMIC Exhibition
  31. GMX Mobile Tech Innovation Awards
  32. G-Stage Open Speech

Day 2

  1. G-Summit
  2. GMIC Environmental Breakfast Meeting
  3. Global Future Entertainment Summit
  4. Global Mobile Marketing Summit
  5. Global Investment Ecosystem Summit
  6. Future Innovation Summit
  7. Global Fintech Summit
  8. I-Healthcare Innovation Forum
  9. Edu TECH
  10. AI+: The Future of All Industries
  11. India Forum
  12. AI Open Class
  13. Tech Show
  14. 爱接力与ROOBO人工智能战略合作发布
  15. IngDan AI Application Industry Summit
  16. Cloud Computing & Big Data Summit
  17. Ant Financial Special Session
  18. GMIC Beijing 2017 Happy Hour
  19. GMIC Exhibition
  20. GMX Mobile Tech Innovation Awards
  21. G-Stage Open Speech

Day 3

  1. World Insight of the Universal Postboy
  2. AI Open Class
  3. G Festival
  4. GMIC Exhibition
  5. G-Stage Open Speech

Day 4 & Day 5:

G Festival

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