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While in-app advertising continues to be one of the most popular forms of advertising in the present day context, the mobile browser has been quick to follow its lead. To get more specific, advertising on the native browser homepage is the next big thing for mobile marketers.


Because the native browser homepage is always the first touch point for the daily active users(DAUs) accessing their device browsers. As such, it has become a very significant spot (page) for brands and apps to get noticed by their target audience and use highly engaging ads to reach out to them. By using the right creative and communication in the native browser homepage ads, brands and advertisers can tap this opportunity to gain maximum brand visibility and user engagement.

User Response to Mobile Browser Ads

In terms of understanding the response of mobile users to mobile browser ads, the May 2017 Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) study (‘Always On – A Global Perspective of Mobile Consumer Experience’) found that 45% users worldwide, who saw such ads ended up taking some action after viewing them. These ads were also found to drive high brand awareness as 90% of smartphone users recall seeing these mobile browser ads within the first few days after they were originally shown to them. Apart from the impressive brand or ad recall, it was found that some users also interacted with these ads after viewing them; while 11% users had clicked on the ad, 8% users actually ended up visiting the brand’s website after seeing the ad.

Advertising Opportunities on Micromax Life

Picking from these market insights and assessing the whole gamut of possibilities for creating greater advertising impact through the native browser on mobile, Affle & Micromax present an exciting proposition for brands, app owners, agencies and mobile marketers.

As a part of our partnership with Micromax, we have come upon an exciting idea of exploring the full advertising potential of the native browser homepage, that is, Micromax Life (the default browser for 60 million Micromax devices).

With almost 1 million DAUs accessing the native browser homepage of Micromax Life as the first point of access to the internet, there is a huge opportunity for brands, apps and marketers to leverage highly intent driven ‘micro-moments’ by engaging the users in their ads through various creative conversations.

To reach out to the relevant users, brands and marketers can utilise multiple engagement options like native ads, roadblock ads, standard banner ads, and rich media & video units.

2 Highly Engaging Ad Units

Let’s quickly run you through two of our most interesting offerings for brands, apps and mobile advertisers.

1) Interstitial Roadblock

This is the quickest way to catch the attention of millions of users either through a rich media or video ad unit. The ad will play for a defined duration once the user opens up the browser homepage and has good chances of driving greater user engagement without being intrusive if quality content is shown.

2) Carousel Mast-head

This format is already popular amongst advertisers, thanks to Facebook! Nowadays, advertisers are increasingly using this ad format because it allows them to highlight their brands, products and services in many creative ways. By letting advertisers showcase multiple images and links in one single ad, this ad format has proven to be extremely effective in improving the performance of the ads. As per Facebook, carousel link ads drive 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion and 20-30% lower cost-per-click as compared to single-image link ads.

So, we’ve made this ad format available to advertisers, where they have a choice of picking either one single ad unit or going with all 4 carousels as units for a single brand. This premium ad unit supports standard banner, rich media & video ad units for creating maximum advertising impact.

Brands, app owners and marketers can drive higher conversions for their business by using these interactive ad units along with dedicated landing pages or App download pages to promote specific products or offers or downloads. So, if the users who’ve clicked on an ad would like to know more about the brand or the product or the app (or offer), then they could be redirected to the relevant page at the right moment.

Apart from these, brands and marketers can also gain visibility through the native ad feed, choice of icon placement and by exploring other mobile advertising options that fits their unique marketing goals. Moreover, these native browser ads have been designed with a mobile-first approach across all Micromax devices to avoid any glitches and render the best advertising experience to users.

So, Micromax Life offers ample opportunities for brands, app owners and advertisers to reach out to 1 million daily active users and enhance their brand visibility. And since our ad inventories are strictly controlled and managed by in-house teams, the chances of ad fraud can be completely ruled out. However, to ensure the best advertising experience on Micromax Life, we recommend brands, app and advertisers to adhere to the current IAB guidelines on mobile advertising so that there are no instances of intrusive ads and it’s a win-win situation for both advertisers and Micromax users.

Explore Advertising on Micromax Life

Want to learn about the best mobile advertising opportunities on Micromax Life for your brand? Drop me a line at neelanjana@affle.com and let’s get you connected with our team.

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