The mobile advertising sector in India has seen massive growth in the past year. With this growth comes change. While we earlier had great creative freedom with regard to campaigns and branding, we have noticed that lately large corporations have started to include mobile advertising formats in their overall creative and branding strategy.


This makes their entire carousel appear more homogeneous, which is great, but it also means that some brands have started to treat mobile as an extension of print media, which isn’t.

So how do we make an impact in advertising when the scope of innovation and interaction has become so limited? The answer is twofold.

One, we work within the creative confines of their vision for their own brand while enhancing the overall experience with de the sign tweaks and dynamic content. Two, we overhaul our existing formats or create new ones that are in a sense modular, where each element of the format can be removed or tweaked to create a greater synergy in design.

Now, it is also becoming clearer that big brands do not look at their large mobile media budget and think – interaction and innovation, at least not in the conventional sense. What they are looking is innovation in the realm of user experience (UX) and how they can effectively communicate their core brand values while the user is disseminating the communication being presented in the ad.

For Example, Samsung might not be looking at innovation in terms of a new game format for a product launch because the game will at least deter from the overall tone of their creative, if not depart completely from their design language. What they could look at is a Parallax Gallery in a rich media unit.

The Parallax Gallery functions in a way that the background and foreground (product) elements in the page move at different speeds. This adds depth to the ad experience and makes the unit more immersive than traditional 2D gallery. The core purpose of both a regular and Parallax Gallery is the same. In fact, the interaction involved in both is identical. The UX, however, is completely different.

The Parallax Gallery is therefore, the perfect example of the evolving times creating a need for change in the way we used to, and sometimes still look at mobile ad making. It is the perfect embodiment of simplicity in innovation.

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