The GEMS campaign was one of Madison & Affle’s most creative mobile campaigns that was run in 2015. It was a highly integrated digital campaign that was focused around the theme for GEMS and targeted kids from a very young age group of 5-8 years. To appeal to such young minds and be in sync with the GEMS theme, we worked out a holistic plan for the client by presenting the idea of integrating 3 different yet highly engaging games in a single ad unit.

These 3 games are – (1) Be the racer, (2) Be the detective, (3) Be the pirate

Considering the vast popularity of mobile games amongst this section of kids, our team felt that designing an attractive game by bringing together three diverse elements would definitely drive the user engagement. The primary marketing challenge involved was to design a campaign that should be catchy yet intelligible to the target audience, who are young kids.

A lot of innovative ideas were put together while designing this campaign for promoting panda collectibles (thematic games). However, the heart of innovation rested on creating the gaming experience, where 3 different game plays were combined to one. Here’s a brief account of the innovative ideas that went behind creating 3 unique theme games for this campaign.

1) Theme: Be the racer – Avoid the obstacles and score

For accomplishing this, bike racing game was created where user has to avoid collision with other high speed bikers and collect multi color gems to score.

2) Theme: Be the detective – Find the hidden gems to score when clock is already ticking fast

Find the gems game unit made each user role play as a detective and find hidden gems not visible to normal eyes.

3) Theme: Be the pirate – Blow the enemy ship and score before they do

Enemy ships hold the gems treasure and pirate panda has to overpower them by blowing their ships into pieces.

Mixing the curiosity component among kids with eagerness to score more and more drove the uniqueness of this game ad design. The end screen of each game displayed an individual scorecard of the event. ‘Click to share’ and ‘watch on Facebook and Youtube’ were used on social media to share it further.

Although the main highlight of the campaign was to create and integrate 3 diverse games in a single ad unit, there were several creative endeavours that facilitated this process. For example, the creative team prepared an extremely engaging banner that would first of all, appeal to the kids, so that they’re drawn to proceed and play the game. There were hotspots in the banner looping the ad banners within itself as well as landing on outside pages. A crucial part of the solution also involved the adaptation and recreation of characters for the game. Besides that, even though the ad unit was made in high resolution (double of the required size), it was still made lighter so that it could load easily.

Once the team got a brief from the client, we proposed the idea of going ahead with a game creation plan for small children. The concept was an instant hit with the client who gave us a go-ahead to execute this campaign by developing the game. During the development of this game, it was difficult to create an ad unit, which is heavier on graphics side (compared to usual rich media ads) but rich in gameplay and at the same time required us to focus equally on unique users along with returning ones. Keeping these constraints in mind, we created the ad unit using world widely accepted HTML5 language and webgl APIs, which helped it to run successfully on all available browsers across handheld devices and PC. Also, asm javascript was used to ensure this whole game packs in a very small size helping it to load faster.

This campaign was taken live and successfully served by meeting the requested impressions of 13 million impressions in india in just  2 months. This ad unit was published on leading mobile wap-sites and in-app games (inside mobile apps) like angry birds.


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