Job Detail

Senior Data/Fraud Analyst
Experience: 2-4years Gurgaon


  • Performing Quality Checks , monitoring of traffic and managing Affiliate & Client Success managers is the daily basis task. Creating reports for network and client Manager, notifying suspicious trends, blacklisting of sources in network or optimizing and supervises others.
  • Also reducing the losses due to suspected traffic in campaign which burns client Budget more and decrease the market presence, reduce retention rate etc.
  • Analysing Trends and patterns with Data logs from different attribution platform.
  • Detecting Suspicious Behaviour over traffic Such as Bot traffic, Non Play store installs, Data centres, virtual networks.
  • Co-relating patterns and there Co-relation across campaigns, Identifying shared or mixed bot traffic
  • Performing Quality Checks & reporting.
  • Monitoring of campaigns.
  • Extensive Data Analysis on R, SQL, Excel.
  • Restructuring process and Its development.
  • Perform quality check Before publisher onboarding and handover them to partner success team.

Requirements :

  • 2-4 years of working experience
  • BE/BTech in Computer Science or equivalent from a reputed college
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Extensive data mining skills on Excel or any analytical platform(SPSS, SQL or R)
  • Knowledge of Mobile App advertising fraud( Bots , VPN , Proxy , Click Spam, Click Injection etc.),