Mkr8 Ad Authoring Platform

Creative Suite
That Delivers
Enhanced Engagement

Audience Focused Dynamic Ad Experience Across Devices

Feature Highlights

Rich Media ads
Rich media
  • Communicate your brand's story through immersive ad experiences
interstitial ads
  • Engage your audience with cross device ad delivery platform for video ads
creative advertisingplatform
  • Connect with your audience during natural transition points to deliver higher engagement
ad authoring platform
  • Augment your advertising by bringing your brand to consumers

Ad Experience - Gallery

immersive ad experience high engaging ad experience Rich Media ads interstitial ads banner ads creative advertisingplatform ad authoring platform immersive ad experience

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Feature Highlights

high engaging ad experience

Device Level Intervention

  • Augment your advertising with capabilities of phone sensors (such as camera, location, and accelerometer)

Rich Media ads

Global sensors

  • Deliver engaging experience with insights captured from macro variables (such as weather conditions, stock markets and air quality)