Ad Fraud Detection

ad fraud


Ad Fraud detection at a handset, network and eco-system level

mobile fraud detection


Simple UI to keep you on top of your campaign trends

ad fraud detection


Models to allow for real time postback blocking leveraging multiple reason codes

Ad Fraud Challenges

online ad frauds

What is digital ad

Digital Ad campaigns are all prone to digital ad fraud. Ad fraud occurs when traffic is manipulated to give the impression of successful campaign performance, while in reality the quality suffers. This fraud can be technical (bots or malware) or human (illegitimate traffic).

ad fraud detection techniques

How does digital ad fraud hurt your business?

Millions of digital ad dollars are wasted by app owners due to frauds committed by supply sources. Furthermore, inaccurate attribution combined with fraud technologies may lead to app marketers paying for organic traffic. As a result, fraudulent sources are holes in your ROI bucket.

android ad fraud

How Does mFaaS Detect Fraud?

Our detectors and algorithms pinpoint sources which contribute to fraud installs and fraud usage which can be monitored regularly for better campaign management. These detectors and algorithms use a mix of advanced technologies to check patterns for uncovering bots, automated scripts, malware and other forms of illegitimate traffic.

multi type fraud Detection

Click Flooding

Click Stuffing/Spamming

Sending bulk and huge quantity of

mobile phone frauds


The user's device and browser were manipulated
to resemble a different device or browser.

mobile advertising fraud

Device Farms

Building a large segment of Fake
Device IDs

mobile marketing fraud

BOT Traffic

Automated traffic
–Impressions/Clicks/In-App activity

types of mobile fraud

APK Scams

Hacking the app including

mobile marketing fraud prevention

Ad Stacking

Multiple ads stacked together to trigger multiple
clicks at a time from users

Technology That Powers AD Fraud Detection

reduce ad fraud
ip fraud

Device-Based Detections

Use of gyroscope and other sensors for human compared to rack identifications

click spamming
click injection

Server-Side Detection

Use of IP pools and device

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