Markt MultiChannel Commerce

Offline To Online Commerce Enabler

Offline to online enabling

Build Your Online Strategy Keeping Your Retail Store Network at the Core

Why O2O Commerce

Optimized Costs, Enhance Customer Experience & Agility Are Pivotal Differential

O2O Commerce

  • Offline to online platform for commerce Hyperlocal infrastructure
  • Online with retailStore Drive, Optional Dedicated Infrastructure
  • O2O commerceTypically < 2 hours Delivery Time
  • O2O platformsComplements Distributor / Retailor

Conventional Online Commerce

  • Omni channel fulfillmentRegional Infrastructure
  • Offline to online enablingSpecific warehouse etc. Additional Infra Driven
  • Online with retailTypically 2+ days Delivery Time
  • O2O commerceCannibalizes distributor / Retailer

Key Features

Agile Solutions That Go Beyond Shopping Cart, With Your Store At The Heart Of It All

O2O platforms

Web & Mobile Store-Wise Shopfronts With Store Finder & Inventory

Omni channel fulfillment

Store Level Order Management System With Online Interface

Offline to online enabling

Global (Central) or Local (Store POS) Inventory Management

Offline to online platform for commerce

Omni Channel Fulfillment. Buy Online, Pick Offline Etc.

Online with retail

Multi-Seller Configuration & Settlement with Margin & Fee Deduction

O2O commerce

Easily Integrated With Existing ERPs, POS & Multiple Business Tools

O2O platforms

Hyperlocal Order Orchestration Splitting, Transit Tracking, Returns

Omni channel fulfillment

Big Data Analytics Hub With Integrated CRM Unified Database Of Users & Customers

Built For Easy

Everything Made Easy. Site Management. Order Management. Catalog Management.

Taking Offline Online

Integrating Multiple Channels, Business Models And Markets

Offline to Online Commerce for B2B tames complexity by consolidating management of multiple business models, channels and markets. It enables B2B organizations to accommodate a wide variety of suppliers, distributors and stores on a single platform, while automating sales administration and maintaining the operational efficiency by integrating various existing POS systems and ERPs to the architecture.

B2C Implementation

Enable Solutions That Allow Consumers To Discover & Purchase In Store Products


Try Out our Demo Mobile App to See How Your Solution Could Work. End-to-end online commerce enabler for offline retail.

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B2B Implementation

Centralized Trading Platform For Retailers & Distributors. Reconcile Accounts In Real Time. Optimize Procurement

O2O platforms


markt commerce platform can enable a B2B Marketplace model. Build a solution that allows your Retailers to place orders to your Distributors.


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