Self Serve Programmatic Platform

Data Science Driven
Self Serve Platform

For Programmatic User Acquisition &
programmatic user acquisition

Power Of Personalization And Data Science

Leverage Transparency Driven User acquisition & Grow ROI With
Dynamic Personalized Retargeting

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mobile user acquisition platforms


top platforms for user acquisition,


programmatic user acquisition


Programmatic Media Procurement

Procure Audience
Programmatically Over RTB

RevX provides a scalable self-serve platform for procuring audience across leading exchanges.

 user acquisition platforms
mobile user acquisition platforms

Acquire New Users With
Transparency & Trust

Get a complete insight on audience, campaign, media, inventory or event level responses for data-driven marketing.

Leverage Real-Time
Audience Data

Superior self-serve & data science-driven optimization that keeps learning on a real-time basis.

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Retargeting and Re-engagement

programmatic user acquisition

Boost User LTV To Drive
Incremental Revenue

Use dynamic product ads to activate dormant users,
help interested customer to transact online.

user acquisition platforms

Target With RevX’s
Powerful Segmentation

Build use cases for your audience and send
targeted ads to match their needs

mobile user acquisition platforms

Use Dynamic Creatives To Drive
Immersive Ad Experience

Using HTML 5 Template, Rich Media Or Native

top platforms for user acquisition

Use Predictive Modelling To
Achieve Higher Optimizations

Leveraging intelligence acquired over audience, media
and campaign.

Audience Intelligence

programmatic user acquisition

Discover New Target

RevX’s aiCube Algorithm profiles users basis category of apps used, user demographic profile, types of content consumed and more.

user acquisition platforms

Re-Engage and Retain
Your Users

Leverage Your Existing User Data, Build Cohort & Re-engage With Your Customers.

mobile user acquisition platforms

Personalize Marketing

Your Customers Are Unique. So Now, Personalize Ad Creatives For Each User With Optimizations For Higher ROI.